Investing in progressive, scalable initiatives to supply the growing demand for energy across Africa.

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Focused on gas and renewable opportunities that will be part of the global shift towards low carbon, sustainable energy

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Large scale deployment opportunities in the green hydrogen space

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Access to Pella’s wide network across Africa

Through Chariot Transitional Energy which Adonis co-founded and is CEO, Pella is investing in:

Transitional Gas

Through its onshore and offshore licences, Chariot's Transitional Gas business is focused on delivering a strategically located and material new natural gas province in Morocco

  • Has the potential to positively impact a growing economy, heavily reliant on energy imports and coal
  • Reduces carbon footprint
  • Promotes domestic self sufficiency & energy security
  • Catalyst for growth

Transitional Power

Chariot’s Transitional Power business is focused on providing competitive, sustainable and reliable power solutions across Africa

  • Through developing large scale renewable power projects, in strategic partnership with Total Energies, Chariot is looking to provide innovative, fully-financed, energy solutions for mining and industrial offtake across the African continent.
  • Chariot also holds a 25% stake in Etana an Electricity Trading platform that has been granted one of the only trading licences in South Africa. This trading licence allows transmission of electricity from renewables projects to end-users through the national grid and creates an opportunity to diversify the energy mix and address the significant power demand in the region.

Green Hydrogen

Chariot's Green Hydrogen business is one of the first movers across this space in Africa and is looking to build a world-class green hydrogen portfolio.

  • Hydrogen is a key component of the energy transition with huge growth market potential
  • Exclusivity over prime acreage in Mauritania - Chariot is developing 'Project Nour' - an asset with 10GW power potential
  • Mauritania is exceptionally well-placed for low cost green hydrogen production due to its world class combination of land, sea, solar and wind resources
  • Partnered with TEH2 (owned by Total Energies and Total Eren), with other opportunities under evaluation and Proof of Concept projects in development


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