Generating Quality Projects

Pella’s key objectives

Our key business objectives are:

  • To generate quality resource projects
  • To establish and develop investment opportunities across the continent
  • To create significant value for all stakeholders and be a partner for projects across Africa

Pella has a generative business model whereby it seeks out and evaluates opportunities, creates and invests in individual entities and management teams and then actively supports them going forward.

Investment strategy

Pella has a diverse investment strategy that looks at prospective assets across the value chain. As its history is embedded in natural resources, the Group has an established network of contacts and a deep knowledge of working in Africa. As a result of the Group’s track record of success to date, Pella has regular access to a pipeline of potential projects and deal flow which it continually appraises.

Pella has a strong corporate philosophy and social responsibility that is adopted across the Group companies and its affiliates.

Adonis Pouroulis, Founder

Adonis is a mining engineer and entrepreneur whose expertise lies in the discovery, exploration and development of natural resources. He has worked in the sector for over 25 years and has a wide network of industry relationships across the African continent. Having worked in the South  African gold mines and established a metals trading company in Russia, he founded Petra Diamonds and in 1997 it was listed on London’s AIM market. He has since overseen Petra’s development from an exploration base into a FTSE-250 company and the largest independent diamond producer in Africa today. He has been influential in the founding, financing and development of a number of other natural resources companies within the Pella Group.

Pella has management teams located in London, Toronto and Johannesburg.

Pella’s personnel has a range of geological, accounting, financial, legal, marketing and administrational experience and collectively has a deep pool of investor, broking and independent technical contacts.

Pella’s origins come from a successful mining house that has over 50 years of exploration and mine development experience across Africa.