Focused on Sustainable, Responsible Investment

The Group is committed to identifying and developing sustainable projects and consistently meeting international corporate and social responsibility standards:

  • Focus is on aiding and empowering local communities, working directly with them and government to ensure best engagement e.g. Alufer is in the process of setting up a new Social Foundation – this will provide a clear mechanism to channel funding to community projects with the explicit intention that the local community is involved in managing this
  • Pella companies also ensure the highest standard of environmental assessment is conducted around all key developments
  • A great emphasis is also put upon local job creation and local infrastructure developments
  • The Group’s companies and affiliates have a range of social and environmental programmes and commitments which they implement across each of their projects
  • Sponsoring the local football team in Ethiopia

  • Water pump provided in Tanzania

  • Carpentry skills training at Cullinan in South Africa

  • First harvest from the market garden initiative in Senegal

The Music For the Children Foundation

Founded to help ill, abandoned and abused children in South Africa in 2005, the MFTCF supports causes that do not receive government aid. Ongoing initiatives include:

  • Providing food for an orphanage which looks after 80 children
  • Building up music and book libraries in schools
  • Giving gifts to disadvantaged pre-schools four times a year – presents, clothing, books, blankets etc.
  • Creating links with other more privileged schools and running communal sports days, sharing resources etc.
  • Setting up and supporting the With Wheels project – to help source mobility devices for those less able to walk

The Pouroulis Foundation:

The Pouroulis Foundation has been donating to a variety of educational and charitable causes worldwide for the past 15 years:

  • The Foundation believes in investing in future generations and has a specific focus on the importance of education, health and child well-being
  • As a result, it supports charities involved in physical, mental and emotional health work, as well as charities involved in building healthcare centres
  • It has donated to the building of schools, the distribution of learning materials and has awarded scholarships to those less fortunate
  • It has also supported causes which look after victims of rape, cruelty and abuse
  • The Foundation also encourages creativity and supports the ever evolving film and arts industry