Strategic, Multi-Commodity Approach

The Pella companies are independent of each other with focused management teams, individual balance sheets and clear objectives.

Business Model

  • 1

    Identify investment opportunity: Commodity / Team / Asset

  • 2

    Target and secure key assets

  • 3

    Install or back management team and provide seed finance

  • 4

    Take to key value creation point and obtain external funding

  • 5

    Retain interest / active role but allow to grow independently of Pella

How We Operate

Pella is the umbrella company for the earlier stage companies and facilitates synergies and shares expertise across the Group where required.

This model has enabled Pella to establish a number of companies to date whilst protecting each entity, diversifying risk and also creating specific investment proposals.

Pella’s Core Principles and Ethos: Creativity, Boldness, Excellence and Integrity


Unique Opportunities

  • Pella’s investments all have a key strategic angle
  • Specific commodity exposure (e.g. rare earths; tin); near term production; location; mineralogy; areas of high industry interest; areas where Pella can apply its IP

Optimisation: A Key Focus

  • The companies are focused on optimising mining operations – ensuring efficiencies, extending Life of Mine, enhancing processes and extracting the full potential of an asset.
  • Pella also seeks out existing operations that it could add significant value to in this regard

Commodity Trends & Positioning

  • Pella takes an alternative view and seeks out unloved commodities that show promising longer term trends
  • Looks to secure assets that Pella can develop and position to capitalise on these fundamentals

Resource Potential

  • Pella has the ability to evaluate projects internally and assess technical potential and economic viability
  • Identifies assets that Pella’s team can build from a grassroots level and take to key value points (listing / sale / JV / production)

Strong Management

  • Pella will back strong management teams with the relevant expertise, industry experience and ability to take projects forward

Balance Within The Portfolio

  • Pella has a range of commodities within its portfolio, at a range of stages across the value curve – seeks to continue this spread and diversity